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David H. Morris

Attorney David H. Morris

Managing Partner

of Morris & Wise

David H. Morris was born in 1955, the son of an Attorney, Ellis F. Morris, Esq., now deceased. His mother, now 91 years old, lives in New Braunfels and is still doing well. Raised between the Big City (Houston) and the Country, (a ranch in Brenham) he became familiar with a wide range of people and topics. Growing up he played football, baseball, basketball, hunted and fished, rode horses, worked cattle, grew a garden, cut firewood and sold pecans.

After working on a ranch and painting houses he became an electrician, joining the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers for his training. After several years of work, deciding to further his education, he took some classes at Blinn Junior College, Brenham campus, before transferring to San Marcos to finish his degree.

As the son of an attorney, he took an interest in the law at an early age, helping around his father’s law office.

“Only painters and lawyers can change black to white.”
- (Japanese proverb, Lewis Levinson, Bartletts’ Unfamiliar Quotations, 1971)

Education & Early Experience

  • - Texas State University, B.S. - Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Specialty (1979)
  • - South Texas College of Law, J.D. (January of 1983)

Striking out on his own with a general practice and doing a bit of everything, criminal defense, civil litigation, family, real estate, juvenile, custody, probate, guardianship, trusts, personal injury, bankruptcy, immigration, business, contracts and corporate work, he became the managing partner in Morris & Boyd until leaving Houston in 1987. The move was to Wimberley, Texas to live in the country and raise a family.

Personal Life

Married for 35 years to Lynne Berry Morris, also an attorney, they have successfully raised a boy, David Harrison Morris II, graduate of the University of Texas, and girl, Kathryn Lynne Morris, graduate of Texas State University. Though the kids have moved to Austin, David and Lynne still reside in the country in Wimberley, Texas.

Why Hire Attorney Morris?

As the managing partner of Morris and Wise, Attorneys at Law, he has limited his practice to general counsel, business, corporations, real estate, probate and guardianship matters. He is still taking some catastrophic injury cases.

“I can try a lawsuit as well as other men, but the most important thing is to prevent lawsuits.”
- (Confucius, Analects, c.500 B.C.)

Through the 34 years of active practice, Mr. Morris has had numerous jury trials, bench trials, temporary injunctions, restraining orders, arbitrations, mediations and settlements in both civil and criminal cases. He is currently General Counsel for a company with yearly sales in excess of one-hundred million dollars and is involved in several multi-million estates.

In addition to the law, Mr. Morris enjoys farming, ranching, horseback riding, skiing, golfing, fencing, hunting, fishing, scuba diving, and playing music.

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